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Gazdar Jewellers was established in 1933 by Mr. Rusi J. Gazdar and Mr. Dinshah J. Gazdar. Housed in the landmark and historic Taj Mahal Hotel, it was committed to bestowing upon its patrons, jewels of the highest quality. Since then it has worked relentlessly to provide extraordinary pieces that reflect sophistication, allure and most of all, the richness and grace of authentic Indian tradition.

Gazdar’s prominence on creating heritage jewellery and works of art defined by nobility, luxury and perfection encouraged the patronage of the Nizam as well as royal families from various princely states. It also attracted a rich clientele of famous film stars, dignitaries and diplomats from across the globe.

Its emphasis on class and authenticity is ensured by a selection of the finest quality, handpicked natural gemstones to embellish each ornament.

Even today, almost a century later, the legacy of Gazdar remains unrivalled and is carried on by Mr. Dharmendra Gandhi and his son Ravin Gandhi. Gazdar continues to create breathtaking and opulent jewellery using rare gemstones and excellent craftsmanship. The collection today, is famous for its exquisite traditional Indian antique, as well as modern jewellery, beautiful collectibles in Hallmark and Indian silver, and magnificent works of art.

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