Gazdar’s hallmark is the jadau, an exquisite art form that dates back to the Mughal period, and epitomized by skilled Iranian and Indian craftsmen. Each piece made of 24-karat gold is embedded with uncut diamonds called polka or vilandi, precious and semi-precious stones, gems and crystals. The meenakari engraving on the back is a testament to the fragile and elegant artwork of the master craftsmen who fashion each piece with artistic precision.

Temple jewellery, traditionally from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu reflects the divine blessings of the Hindu deities and Goddesses. Each gold ornament is designed with intricate details and embellished with diamonds and gemstones called navrathnam, portraying the beauty and grace of holy worship.

The exquisite range of vintage jewellery at Gazdar is crafted with the magic of ancient secrets of the erstwhile royalty, each piece chosen to represent an era in history, symbolizing quality, rarity and style.